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2020 Parliamentary Library Summer Research Scholarship

The Parliamentary Library offers two summer research scholarships for postgraduate students each year. Scholars work alongside specialist researchers in the Parliamentary Library in Canberra for a period of six weeks (January–February 2020) to produce a report on a topic of relevance to the Library’s research program. 

The Parliamentary Library is a unique research environment: it provides high quality information, analysis and advice to senators and members of the House of Representatives in support of their parliamentary and representational roles, as well as to their staff, the staff of committees, and the Governor-General.

The Summer Research Scholarship allows scholars to understand and work within this important national institution.

The scholarship also gives recipients the opportunity to: 

  • build research expertise 
  • contribute to scholarship on the Parliament and its work 
  • receive training and access the Library’s specialist collections and databases 
  • interact with subject-matter experts and 
  • be guided by a mentor who will provide advice during the scholarship

Upon successful completion of the scholarship, an honorarium of $1,800 is paid. 
An information kit can be downloaded at: