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USQ-DSTG Postgraduate Research Domestic Scholarship 2021

Through a recent collaborative partnership with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG, Australian Department of Defence), University of Southern Queensland (USQ) offers a research scholarship to support a 3-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program. USQ and DSTG are collaborating to design efficient AI algorithms for future communication systems. The USQ- DSTG scholarship, supported by DSTG, aims to conduct cutting-edge research in this area of interest. 

The PhD Project  

Traditional communication systems are developed using a modular design where functionalities of both the transmitter and receiver are split in multiple blocks with each block hand-crafted by mathematical models. While conventional techniques are widely accepted, they potentially lead to suboptimal systems that perform poorly in complex and dynamic environments. Data-driven design approaches using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) may lead to the development of robust and resilient communication systems. This project will develop computationally efficient algorithms for AI-enabled communications.  

Specific research area includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Designing and investigating online sequential AI and ML algorithms to train on real-time streamed complex-valued data in a continuous fashion
  • Designing and investigating reinforcement learning or similar machine learning methods to jointly optimise a set of distributed learning algorithms by sharing limited feedback among them 
  • Designing and investigating model-free data-driven optimisation techniques to replace or improve common functionalities of communication systems (e.g. multi access techniques, channel coding, synchronisation, channel equalisation, estimation, prediction).       

The PhD researcher will be supervised by Adjunct Professor Dr Ismail Shakeel (Cyber Electronic Warfare Division, DSTG) and Professor Ravinesh Deo to conduct research at the University of Southern Queensland (ideally based at Springfield Campus in USQ’s Advanced Data Analytics group).

  • Stipend of $32,000 per annum paid fortnightly 
  • Maximum period of tenure of an award is three years. Periods of study already undertaken towards the degree will be deducted from the period of tenure.