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Application preferences

Having a number of preferences in your application can improve your chances of getting an offer. Preferences help if you don’t meet the entry requirements of your desired program. They allow you to a put a backup program or a pathway program in the mix.

QTAC provides helpful advice on ordering preferences.

If you’re eligible to apply directly to USQ you can submit multiple applications. Tell us which application is your first preference and we’ll take it from there.

When will I receive my offer?

USQ makes regular offers each week (Monday – Friday). Visit QTAC to check their offer round dates

If you’re a QTAC applicant you’ll receive an offer from QTAC. If you’re eligible to apply directly you’ll receive your offer directly from us.

Applicants with recent secondary education

If you’re applying on the basis of your recent secondary education, where an OP is not required, you could receive an offer from QTAC as early as the last day of Year 12.

If you're waiting for your OP you could receive an offer in the week after official OP release in December. 

Applicants with higher education, VET study or work and life experience

If you’re applying on the basis of previous tertiary study, VET study or work and life experience offers start from August each year.

When do applications close?

A majority of USQ's programs have the same closing date leading into each Semester they are offered. There are some exception with earlier or later dates. Check out USQ's closing dates to get your application in on time.