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If you’ve ever been fascinated by the stories of past societies and cultures, Archaeology at USQ might be your next adventure. 

Archaeologists examine the physical evidence of human societies from across all ages - from hundreds of thousands of years ago to very recent history.  They use their skills and knowledge to help shed light on some of the most intriguing issues of our human past such as the colonisation of the New World, migration out of Africa, Old World globalisation and human-environment interaction. 

USQ Archaeology students delve deeper into the lifestyles of peoples past. With opportunities for hands-on archaeological training, including field methods laboratory analysis and project design, you’ll be guided by some of Australia’s most notable and respected archaeologists while exploring the complexity of how people lived and interacted with one another throughout history. 

Archaeology students often combine their studies with Anthropology, History, International Relations, English Literature, and Social Justice Studies.

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Unanswered questions on the Great Papuan Plateau

With the help of Bosavi and Gebusi people, USQ researchers relocated a series of five rock shelters containing previously unrecorded rock art in very remote tropical forest between the Southern Highlands and the Gulf lowlands of Papua New Guinea. 

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