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Associate Degree of Health (AHEA)

Study Mode
  • External
  • On-campus

  • Semester 1 (February)
  • Semester 2 (July)

Number of Units
  • 16 units

  • 2 years or part-time equivalent

  • Toowoomba

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Program Information Set

Start or up-skill your career in health 

In the Associate Degree of Health, you can choose to major in Biomedical Sciences where you will be provided with training for a career as a biomedical scientist with a research capability and/or a biomedical science support, laboratory technician or technical officer roles in research or teaching laboratories. Alternatively, the Medical Laboratory Science major provides you with the education and training necessary for a career as a medical technician or technical officer in the private and public pathology laboratory sectors. 

You will gain practical experience by the structured placements in a pathology laboratory and/or by attendance at residential schools.

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