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Whether you aspire to work for a well-known cola multi-national or a global and galactic ‘pure’ enterprise, marketing is the key to your career. Studying Marketing at USQ will position you to understand the role of product development, promotion and positioning within any organisation.

  • Some of the world’s biggest brands are driven by marketers.
  • The average weekly earnings for a full-time Advertising and Marketing Professional is $1 346 (Job Outlook, 2017)

Career opportunities

The dynamic world of marketing is ever-evolving with the emergence of new technologies - get on board and be a part of it! Choose to pursue a career as an advertising coordinator, marketing consultant, copywriter, marketing researcher, advertising manager, product or brand manager, distribution manager or sales manager.

Find out how to become an:

Explore your career options!

Find study areas where your talents and interests can thrive.

Marketing graduate? What employers look for.

When landing a graduate position you could potentially be competing against hundreds, so what separates you from the rest?

Study Marketing at USQ