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What is it like to be an Anthropologist?

Anthropologists study human behaviour and how people live and work together in various kinds of social groups and the physical and cultural similarities and differences between people.

Anthropologists work in a variety of settings including public service and welfare organisations, cultural heritage and Native Title consultancy, community planning and development organisations, among many others.

Average weekly total cash earnings (before tax)

This data shows median weekly cash earnings for the occupation, before tax and not including superannuation. These figures are indicative and cannot be used to determine a particular wage rate. Data should be used as a guide only. Source: Based on ABS Characteristics of Employment survey, August 2015, Cat. No. 6333.0, Customised Report.

Employment level (thousands)

This data shows historical and projected employment levels (thousands) for this occupation. Data should be used as a guide only. Where exact job data has not been available, data from a related field has been used. Source: ABS Labour Force Survey.

Is it right for me?

Anthropologists are critical thinkers with an interest in history, mathematics, science and language. You will have a strong fascination for the history of human societies and cultures, and have research and writing skills.

Other key skills and attributes include:

  • capacity for detailed observation and accurate practical work
  • able to work independently
  • enthusiasm for research
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • sensitive to other people and cultures.

To become an Anthropologist

To be able to become an Anthropologist, your study options will change based on your previous study experience or your preferred study pathway:

The Australian Anthropological Society has several different levels of membership – Associate Membership, Ordinary Membership and Fellow.

The following USQ degrees will help you qualify:


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