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Aviation operations coordinator

What is it like to work in Aviation management?

Aviation professionals work in many areas of the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, organisations that support the aviation industry and regulatory bodies.

Aviation professionals understand the principles, concepts and basic theory of aircraft operations. They will also have an understanding of performance management within an aviation context and aviation safety systems.

Employment level (thousands)

This data shows historical and projected employment levels (thousands) for this occupation. Data should be used as a guide only. Where exact job data has not been available, data from a related field has been used. Source: ABS Labour Force Survey.

Average weekly total cash earnings (before tax)

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Is it right for me?

Aviation professionals require a strong commitment to aviation along with a perceptive business sense and great communication skills.

Other important skills include:

  • time management
  • quality control analysis
  • judgement and decision making
  • operation management
  • customer service abilities

To become an Aviation operations coordinator

To become an Aviation operations coordinator, your study options will change based on your previous study experience or your preferred study pathway:

Professional Accreditation

Graduates of the Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations) program will gain professional pilot qualifications issued by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

There is no external professional accreditation required for graduates of the Bachelor of Aviation (Aviation Management). However, USQ is fully engaged with professional aviation organisations that will help shape and periodically review the standards expected of graduates.



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