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Art Teacher

What is it like to be an Art Teacher?

Art teachers educate secondary school students in the curriculum area of art and work in public and private schools. They teach students the theory and practical skills associated with the many art disciplines which include ceramics, painting, printmaking and photography, among others. They prepare daily lessons, set and conduct testing, exams and assignments including student projects, provide student progress reports, among many other duties and tasks.

Is it right for me?

Arts teachers in secondary schooling use their passion for art to teach students the theory, history and practical skills of art. As an art teacher, you’ll motivate students to use their creativity and self-expression in the form of art.

  • A talent in art
  • Creative and enthusiastic about art
  • Good communication skills with a patient mind
  • Interested in working with young people 

To become an Art Teacher

To be able to become an Art Teacher, your study options will change based on your previous study experience or your preferred study pathway:


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