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Surveying involves the measurement, analysis and representation of our surrounding environment, including the land, sky and ocean floor. If you’re interested in a hands-on career with a balance of field and office work, then surveying could be the profession for you.

USQ Surveying students learn with the latest technology, including modern satellite based Global Positioning Systems and computer mapping technologies.

  • USQ is Queensland's only provider of surveying degrees, and the only university in Australia offering surveying degrees via distance education.
  • USQ has the largest number of surveying students in Australia.
  • Have the opportunity to study Queensland Cadastral Surveying, as well as New South Wales Cadastral Surveying.
  • USQ Surveying degrees are accredited by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and the Surveyors Board of Queensland, and are recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Career opportunities

Modern surveyors map the world with 3D technology, high-tech scanners, and satellites to monitor environmental change, and map the ocean floor using side scan sonars.

Find out how to become a:

The world of Spatial Science

Explore a career in the outdoors as a surveyor, urban and regional town planner or geographic information systems specialist with a degree from USQ.

Surveying at USQ


Study Surveying at USQ