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Biomedical Science and Laboratory Medicine

Studying Biomedical Science or Laboratory Medicine will give you the skills and knowledge to solve problems in areas where no one else has gone and confront the challenges facing population health.

  • Help you to prepare for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test (GAMSAT). The Biomedical science major provides foundation medical knowledge in the fields of physiology and pharmacology, whilst the laboratory medicine major provides medical knowledge in key clinical areas of microbiology, haematology, clinical biochemistry and histopathology.
  • Our Laboratory Medicine major in the Bachelor of Health was designed with Pathology Queensland (QHealth). USQ's links with Queensland Health and commercial pathology providers ensures that you will receive the most current knowledge and access to state of the art laboratory facilities with 52 days of structured placements in operational pathology laboratories throughout Queensland
  • USQ's new $2.5 million laboratories and study complex will give you the opportunity to learn with cutting edge equipment in world-class facilities. The USQ Sciences Research Hub is designed to allow students and researchers to work together and share the development of knowledge.
  • USQ has outstanding biomedical science researchers, within international standing in the fields of food as medicine - Professor Lindsay Brown, and Professor Mike Kotiw who leads an international research team on vaccines against middle ear disease.

Career opportunities

Medical research is a critical element in addressing the major health challenges facing our community. The Biomedical science major has a focus on providing knowledge and skills training for scientists wishing to undertake research careers particularly in the areas of physiology and pharmacology. Whilst the Laboratory Medicine major is the major for students seeking careers as medical laboratory scientists. 

Both majors are a perfect stepping stone for students wanting to enter professional courses such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and veterinary science at other universities, while USQ's Laboratory Medicine major is the perfect major for students wanting to work as medical laboratory scientists.

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