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Communication, Public Relations and Media

If you want to influence peoples’ perceptions of an organisation; enhance the reputation of an organisation; and build relationships with key social and media representatives, USQ’s Communication, Public Relations and Media degrees will equip you for the world of contemporary storytelling.

  • Learn about interpersonal, group and mass communication, develop practical skills and understand the theory behind the dynamic and interactive areas of communication and media that interest you most. 
  • Learn how to develop, plan and implement effective communication strategies; shape external perceptions of a business; keep the lines of communication open; and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Develop skills to attract and retain the support of employees, customers, and important external stakeholders to a business.
  • Our Bachelor of Communication and Media (Public Relations) is accredited with the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

Career opportunities

A degree in Communication, Public Relations and Media will prepare you to work in a variety of settings, including corporate public relations companies, consultancy, government organisations, lobby groups, charity organisations, community organisations, arts and culture industries, media, advertising agencies and many others.

Find out how to become a:

USQ Alumni continuing Steven Irwin's legacy

Hear how Alex works closely with the media and industry, communicating the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Study Communication and Public Relations at USQ