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Surveying and Built Environment

Contribute to the creation of the human-made environment, ranging from high-rise buildings, parks, towns and cities.

Study with Australia’s number one distance education provider of engineering and surveying degrees and experience the benefits of a Remote Access Laboratory (RAL) System that provides students with off-site access to practical and laboratory experiments.

USQ Surveying students learn with the latest technology, including modern satellite based Global Positioning Systems and computer mapping technologies.

With Construction expected to experience a 12% (132,000) surge in employment growth to 2023 (Australian Government Department of Employment, 2018), now’s the time to upskill or develop a career in Surveying and Built Environment.

Whether you want to become a leader in construction, design geographic information systems like Google Maps, or even utilise new technologies such as satellite imagery for 3D mapping in urban and regional planning, USQ has a degree to get you there.

Ready to start?

Most Semester 2, 2020 applications close 24 July