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Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive (ACEQ)

Study Mode
  • On-campus

  • 4 - 15 December 2017 and 8 - 19 January 2018

Number of Units
  • 3 units (maximum)

  • 11 weeks

  • Springfield
  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich

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Is this program for me?

Are you undertaking a non-OP program at school but think you may want to go to university? Are you worried you may not get the OP you need to get into university straight away? Or are you from a rural or regional area and would like a taste of university life?

At USQ, we understand that things change - you may have changed your mind about what your future career looks like, or maybe you just want to keep your options open about going to university.

Whatever the case, USQ's Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway has been designed just for you and once successfully completed (and as long as you meet the relevant English Language requirements), it provides you with guaranteed entry into selected USQ degrees.

You'll attend two, two-week on-campus workshops with private at home/online study in between.

Pathway to further study

This intensive pathway program aims to prepare you for entry to a Uni degree. But what if you’re not quite ready for a bachelor degree, or want a qualification sooner? Our Certificate of University Studies (4 courses) or Foundation Diploma of University Studies (8 courses) are the perfect next steps on your university journey.

Course code Course name
Core component
TPP7121 Studying to Succeed Intensive 1
plus one of the following mathematics courses:
TPP7190 Preparatory Mathematics Intensive
TPP7191 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation Program Level 1 Intensive
TPP7182 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation 22
TPP7183 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation 22


1 This course is worth 2 units.
2 Students wishing to study one of these courses to meet the prerequisite requirements of the intended undergraduate program may need to study the Intensive Pathway at the Toowoomba Campus.

Refer to the USQ Handbook for courses to be studied and recommended enrolment patterns.

How much will it cost?

The Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway is a fee free program. Students who do not live near a USQ campus which offers the program are eligible to apply for an accommodation bursary.The bursary covers the cost of accommodation at USQ Toowoomba for the duration of the on-campus workshops, which run for two weeks in December and two weeks in January.

Entry Requirements

You are eligible to apply for the program as long as you:

  • are going to be completing year 12 this year (2017)
  • may not be eligible to receive an OP, or worried your OP score may not grant you entrance into university.

How to apply

Download and complete the application form (PDF 567 KB). If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian will need to sign the form.

Upon receipt of your application, our team will send you further information about the program, and you may be required to complete a Communications placement test which will be sent to you.

While on campus you will undertake a mathematics placement test which will help us determine the best mathematics course for you. 

If you don't live close to a USQ location offering the Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway, there will be accommodation available at the USQ Toowoomba residential colleges for the duration of your on-campus study periods. A bursary is available for the cost of accommodation. Eligibility is based on criteria such as family income, home location, distance to a USQ campus and individual circumstances. To apply, complete the relevant sections in the application form. You are not required to complete and submit placement tests with your application for TPPIP.

Important dates

The dates for the Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway for Semester 3, 2017 are: 

  • 4th - 15th December 2017
  • 8th - 19th January 2018


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