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2016 winners

The junior category is students in Years 8-10 and senior category is Years 11 and 12.

Junior poetry

  1. Angus Cronin Harrison with 'Where we once came' (PDF 20KB)
  2. Alexandria Walker with 'Our eternal bond' (DOCX 22KB)

Junior short story

  1. Louisa Wildie with 'Silence until' (DOCX 29KB)
  2. Hannah Ostini with 'Holding' (DOCX 27KB)

Senior poetry

  1. Jordan Frith with 'Torn' (PDF 18KB)
  2. Alli Purtill with 'Integrity' (PDF 85KB)

Senior short story 

  1. Marina Bishop with 'Savannah' (DOCX 23KB)
  2. Ellen Vickerman with 'What mercy' (PDF 21KB)