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Entry requirements


If you are or have been a Queensland Year 12 student awarded an OP you can use this for entry in our undergraduate programs. Applicants from interstate with ATAR scores can gain entry due to programs based on equivalence to the OP. 

If you haven’t got an OP (or ATAR) we can derive a rank based on your prior study, work experience or professional qualifications. You may be eligible for a number of ranks depending on your experience or qualifications however; USQ will use your highest rank for entry.

USQ revises its OP/Rank entry requirements at least on an annual basis depending on the demand for individual programs. 

Subject pre-requisites

Many of USQ’s undergraduate programs have subject prerequisites. The most common subject prerequisites are English (4SA), Maths A (4 SA), Maths B (4SA) and Science (4SA).

This means that a program with English (4SA) as a prerequisite we are expecting you to be able to demonstrate 4 semesters at a sound level of achievement (4SA) of Year 11 and 12 English. As some applicants haven’t completed English or completed it to the required level we are able to assess subject prerequisite equivalence. This means you may be able to meet English (4SA) through another means.

Assumed knowledge and recommended prior study

Assumed knowledge and recommended prior study are included in the entry requirements. Unlike subject prerequisites however; they are not formally assessed by USQ. While we don’t assess for these we believe your chance of success is much higher if you have them.

Interviews, auditions and folios

Some of our programs, such as the Bachelor of Creative Arts require applicants to attend an interview or an audition and provide a folio of previous work to determine your suitability to the program.

GPA requirements

We use GPA calculations from previous studies to assess entry into some of our graduate entry and postgraduate programs. We use a GPA calculation to manage demand in popular programs and to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Referee reports

Some programs require you to submit referee reports so that USQ can assess your suitability for a program. Some of our Psychology programs have referee report requirements. Remember when submitting we may contact your referees for more information.

Work experience

Your previous work experience can be converted to an entry rank. Your employment experience does not always have to relate to the program you’d like to study. You don’t have to provide your work experience but you can use it if you don’t think you have the other means of meeting entry.

English Language Proficiency

All of USQ’s programs have an English Language Proficiency Requirement and all applicants must provide evidence of this.

Didn’t do OP?

If you didn’t attain an OP in high school, you still have the opportunity to apply to USQ! We offer a number of alternative entry options which act as a pathway into university. These programs allow you to apply directly for entry into selected USQ programs upon successful completion, and some are even free!

Next steps

We understand making the decision to go to university may be daunting, but you don’t have to make the decision alone. We have a team of Student Relationship Officers (SROs) who you can talk you through your options, answer your questions and explain anything you want to know about uni life!

You can phone our SROs on 1800 269 500, chat online or email