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Head Start courses

Discover our range of courses you can study as a USQ Head Start student. You have the flexibility to commence study at the beginning of all 3 semesters offered.

Prepare for your future degree

Set yourself up for success and match a Head Start course with the USQ degree you’d like to study. This will give you the best chance at gaining entry into your chosen USQ degree.


Head Start key dates

Discover when you can commence Head Start and other important key dates.

Discover more

USQ Career Explorer Quiz

A group of young students, sitting at a table, drinking coffee while in conversation.

Thrive in your chosen career by aligning your passions with a USQ degree by completing USQ's Career Explorer Quiz.
Discover career options based on your interests.
Choose study areas that naturally align with your talents.
Explore USQ’s degrees and courses based on your personalised results.

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