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School Engagement

We offer a wide range of engagement options, including presentations and opportunities tailored just for high school students designed to raise tertiary aspirations.

Enrich your students’ learning with our workshops and curriculum-centred activities to directly engage and inspire your students during normal school hours.

These are hosted either on school grounds, or can be arrange on one of three.

School programs

Become Inspired Discovery Sessions

Recommended time: 90 mins

Age: Years 7–12

The Become Inspired Discovery session is a workshop style session where students will be split up into three groups and rotated around different sessions related to study areas at USQ. This session aims to give students a taste of the area of study and is facilitated to be fun yet informative. Where possible, current USQ students will attend the sessions tell their story and experience with the study area.

Study areas offered are:

Recommended time: 30 mins

Age: Year 10 - 12

The Head Start program provides school students the opportunity to complete university courses while still at school.

This presentation covers everything you need to know about Head Start including:

  • What is Head Start
  • Benefits of Head Start
  • Eligibility and entry requirements
  • The Program from application to graduation
  • About USQ.

Recommended time: 30 mins

Ages: Year 11 - 12

The Become University Ready presentation covers the pathways options available at USQ for school-leavers and non-school leavers. This presentation outlines the different ways that prospective students can gain entry into USQ, whatever their circumstance or stage of life.

The pathways outlined are:

Recommended time: 30 mins

Ages: Year 11 - 12

USQ offers a suite of scholarships available for high school students. This presentation outlines these scholarships along with some tips and tricks to writing applications (where this applies).

Topics include:

  • Future Community Leaders
  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Other Scholarships
  • Kick-Start Bursaries
  • Equity Scholarships
  • USQ Elite Athlete Program
  • Industry-Based Scholarships
  • How to writing a Personal Statement
  • Application Checklist
  • Uses/Benefits of a USQ Scholarship

Recommended time: 30 mins

Age: Year 10 - 12

This presentation provides a brief overview of all things USQ. This presentation does not go into great depth about any particular subject but covers topics including:

  • Scholarships
  • Pathways into USQ
  • About USQ
  • Support services
  • USQ degrees and courses
  • Industry experience
  • Facilities
  • Scholarships
  • Early Offer Guarantee

If you are planning a Careers Expo, we can help. Our experienced staff and student ambassadors (current USQ students) can attend your event to answer questions and chat about options with students, teachers and parents.

A Careers Expo is an ideal follow-up to a USQ school presentation, giving students a chance to ask detailed questions and receive advice tailored to their specific needs.