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How much does it cost?

Study Abroad tuition fees

Study Abroad tuition fees are packaged. This means that students pay AUD11190 (2019), whether they study 3 or 4 subjects.

Study Exchange tuition fees

Exchange students (from a partner university) do not pay fees to USQ. Fees are paid to your home institution.

Overseas student health cover

The Australian Government requires student visa holders to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). OSHC is inexpensive and will provide you with comprehensive health insurance during your stay in Australia. You must pay the appropriate premium, indicated on your letter of offer, to USQ before leaving your home country.

Study Abroad and Exchange students from Sweden, Belgium and Norway do not have to pay OSHC, under an arrangement between the Swedish, Belgian, Norwegian and Australian Governments.

Accommodation and cost of living

Accommodation and cost of living in Australia are different at each of USQ's campuses and depend on individual choices and lifestyle.