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Getting involved in university programs during your high school studies is an exciting way to get a taste of uni life. At USQ we offer two different programs which allow high school students to experience university all before you graduate.

USQ Head Start

USQ’s Head Start program gives you just what the name suggests, a head start on your uni degree. You can start now while you’re still at school, and best of all your first course is free. Discover more about Head Start at USQ.

Pathways to uni

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access tertiary education, which is why we offer a range of preparation and alternative entry options. Best of all, successful completion of these programs guarantee you entry into selected USQ undergraduate degrees, provided you meet the English proficiency requirements.

The Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (formally known as the Tertiary Preparation Program Intensive Pathway - TPPIP) is an intensive program offered over Semester 3. The program will assist you to become a successful university student by developing your academic skills before you start your degree. It will help you transition from school to university in a supportive, on-campus, adult learning environment. 

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