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Why uni?

Do your students want to know what uni life at USQ is like? We will debunk some of the myths surrounding uni, provide examples of how school and uni can be different and highlight the variety of opportunities that USQ offers.


We take students through the scholarship application process, emphasizing the fact that it's not as confusing and time consuming as commonly thought. We also run through examples of how to best fill in the scholarship application form.


You might have some students who are not on an OP pathway, but are still looking to study at uni after school. This presentation explains the pathway options available and how the QTAC process works.

Head Start

Completing a Head Start course is a great way for students to jump into uni life while still at school. Students will hear stories from previous Head Start students and how it prepared them for studying with USQ.


We will help your students understand the costs involved with going to uni, and give them tips and tricks to help manage their money effectively.

Student support

USQ supports its students through every stage of their study journey. Let us introduce your students to the many student support teams at USQ, including disability support, academic support, personal counselling and careers counselling.

Parent information

USQ has a high proportion of students who are the first in their family to attend uni and we understand that this can be daunting for their families. During this presentation, USQ team members will explain to parents the application process and how to support their children when they get to uni.

Balancing act

Maintaining balance is the most important part of being a uni student. We will share with your students some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their uni experience.

Career planning

Are your students unsure about which career path to take? This informative and interactive presentation is designed by USQ career counsellors to assist students in making decisions about their future career choices and tertiary study options.

Guest presentations