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2017 Highly Commended Community Service Alumnus
Allysha sitting on outdoor stairs in autumn, smiling at the camera.

Allysha has dedicated her life to assisting others and helping the community around her, both in Australia and overseas, including several third world countries.

She has visited Nepal eight times in order to provide support and work with the Children’s Welfare Centre. During one of her trips to Kathmandu in 2015, she arrived just three days before an earthquake devastated the city, and although she was given the chance to be flown home, she chose to stay and help relief workers rebuild, including providing food and shelters, co-funding a pop-up organisation in order to provide care and schools for those affected.

Living in poverty stricken communities in Kolkata gave Allysha the opportunity to learn about the people and help educate women about their rights, assisted servants in India and worked in a palliative care hospital.

In Australia, she works with a number of communities including The Waiters Union and Catholic Worker Movement.

Nursing & Allied Health
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