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Finding her place in the world
Jessica is standing in front of a muraled wall, smiling at the camera.

As Jess Berwick's Bachelor of Creative Arts degree comes to a close, she reflects upon her time studying with pride, looking back on the opportunities she assumed she’d never have and the outcomes she never believed possible.

Moving from Dalby in 2011, Jess was determined to find her place both in the world and within herself. With no established network or connections to leverage she took the initiative to enrol at USQ.

However, part way through her study Jess experienced the trauma of almost losing her brother – an event which led to her decision to take a break from uni. After spending time concentrating on her family and reassessing what it was that she really wanted from life she re-enrolled and was back on campus once again, thriving in what she defines as an essential personal hub.

'It’s never too late to study or return to study, even if it does not seem achievable at the time. It’s ok to take some time to get your head back on track and work out what you want.'

Following the initial adjustment of returning to study, Jess started to appreciate where her real passion lay: tutoring others one-on-one and developing her educational skills to build a prospective business.

'The best thing about the Bachelor of Creative Arts is that you can make it whatever you want it to be – whether you want to perform or you want to teach, there are opportunities for you!'

Visual & Performing Arts
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