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There are unrestricted parking areas and metered bays available for students and visitors.

Unrestricted parking

Most parking is located in parking areas 2, 3A, 5, 10, and 13.

It is free.

Restricted parking

There are a number of restricted car parks. These have a diagonal red line through the park.

Metered Bays

Metered parking can be found in the following restricted parking areas:

  • Carparking 3, adjacent to Y Block
  • Carparking 3a, adjacent to S Block
  • Carpark 9, W Block
  • Carpark 12, Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre

A parking ticket, which can be purchased at the automatic ticket dispensing machine located within the respective car park area, must be displayed on vehicles parked in a metered car parking area.

Disabled parking

Disabled driver's vehicles parked in bays reserved for persons with disabilities must display an Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP). Under exceptional circumstances, visitors, staff and students may be issued with special Temporary Parking Permits. Application for such Permits may be made at Student Services or at the Parking/Security Office.

Speed limits

A speed limit of 40kph applies to roads within the University precinct, and 5kph in parking areas.

Traffic regulations

Parking at the University of Southern Queensland is regulated in accordance with the provisions of the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998 (PDF*), which provides for various penalties for driving and parking breaches. All vehicles parked on the site of the University do so at the owner's risk.