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Drew talks about studying engineering at USQ

Drew: My name is Drew Parkinson; I’m studying a bachelor of Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering subjects I’ve done so far have given me a base knowledge of Engineering as a whole, and now I’m in my 2nd year I’m starting to specialise in Civil Engineering itself, so including things like hydraulics, structural design, leading onto concrete structures and more practical subjects next year.

I think the best thing about studying Civil Engineering at USQ would be the flexibility and that what I’ve made use of so far. So whether that means studying online or externally when I’ve got a few other things on or if I’d like to go and work I know that I can still do that and it’s not gonna….not gonna affect my studies because I’ve got that option to study part time off campus, and I think that’s probably the thing I like most is I’m not stuck and I don’t have to do it in 4 years. If it’s going to take me a few years longer and I want to work then I can do that or if I want to do it all in 1 hit I can do that.

My career ambition at this stage is to eventually become a project manager, a senior project manager in development. So building new dams, new pipelines things like that. So what I’ve learnt so far has definitely helped me to head in that direction and subjects I’ve got planned for the next couple of years are definitely going to make a big difference. Hopefully help me get what I want.