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Alex talks about studying Creative Media at USQ

Alex: Hi my name's Alex Cossu and I'm doing a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Creative Media and minoring in Stage Management here at USQ and I'm in my 3rd year, last semester.

I originally, I wanted to do Photography, I really enjoyed Photography at High School and then I got a shock when I looked at the QTAC application and it's an OP 1 or 2.

So I'm like I can either be a Doctor or a Photographer or I can go and do a Bachelor of Creative Arts and focus on film which is multimedia, and as I said I was originally going to go to Springfield but BCA caught my eye, I found out a bit more about it and decided to apply and haven't really looked back since. Quite an amazing…amazing experience so far, so yeah.

Lecturers, you can talk them at will, they don't whim, you know like oh...especially with you know my Stage Management here, you know, oh...I need to talk to somebody, just walk into his office and knock on the door, same with Creative Media ones you know. You send them an email, oh I need to talk, yeah sure let's meet tomorrow you know.

One of those things about this Uni and this course is you get that 1 on 1 time, it's allocated to you. Give it a go.