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Eden talks about studying Engineering at USQ

Eden: Hi my name’s Eden Adams and I’m studying a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at USQ. The best things about studying Mechanical Engineering at USQ is the prac subjects that we do, they’re really applied to the real world.

From working in the industry I can see the relevance of the programs in industry life. So I got appointed into the Royal Australian Air Force in January this year to be an Aerospace Armament Engineering, so I’m in the Undergrad Sponsorship Scheme so when I graduate at the end of this year I will go away to Officer training school.

The courses that are offered at USQ are varied which makes it really good when you wanna venture into different areas of Engineering. I found that there were very multidisciplinary so you could apply them to different industries. And I’ve been able to use a lot of my courses in my work, whether it was in renewable energies or the water industry or the sugar industry and finally the defence industry I’ll be able to apply those skills.