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Tanya talks about studying as a PhD student at USQ

Tanya: Hi my name’s Tanya Machin and I’m doing a Doctor of Philosophy at USQ. So my dissertation is on social connection on Facebook, so I’m looking at the need to belong and social exclusion, my supervisors are great.

Every supervisory relationship is different, mine’s really…mine’s great I love the fact that it’s collegial, that they encourage me and support me, but if I’m going off on the wrong track they also go c’mon Tanya you need to bring yourself back here now. But this is really interesting, yeah they’re really interesting, but let’s think about that on your next thesis.

I don’t know if I actually have a dream job because I would never have predicted that I would be doing this. It wasn’t when I was 18 I was sitting there going oh I want to do a PhD. Opportunities have just open up because of the degree and the people that you meet and the things that happen when you are doing a degree.