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Lauren talks about studying Education at USQ

Lauren: Hi I’m Lauren and I’m studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in Special Education. I always wanted to be a teacher ever since kind of like grade 8 or 9 I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. 
I chose USQ because it was close to home, it offered the course I wanted to and it gave me the opportunity to live in Toowoomba and be close to my friends and family.

The thing that I love about USQ especially doing Education is that all of my lecturers, all of my tutors are…have been practicing teachers and they’ve been teachers in their field for like 20, 30 years and so when I learn stuff from them I can actually respect what they say because they’ve been there, they’ve done it, they know what it’s like, so that’s been just so helpful for me.

Our lectures have always just been…yeah practical and just always helping us build strategies and management. But along with that definitely we have the opportunity to do professional experience so we get to go into schools and actually practice what we’re learning at uni. It’s just a really good balance of the theory and the practice and I feel like USQ have really prepared us a lot for when we graduate. Obviously it’s gonna be huge graduating in and going and being a teacher. But I feel relatively confident to be able to go into the classroom and be able to manage my own class.