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Top 5: Haaaave you got room for one more Study Buddy?

I’m on the lookout for a new study group, feeling a little bit nervous about how to approach it. 
Luckily, I have the Top 5 Study Buddy Ice Breakers to road test a little bit here. 
So we’ve got the hidden microphone and are gonna go and give them a go so let’s find out. 

Hi how are you? My name’s Microsoft, do you mind if I crash this study session?

Are any of your names Google by any chance? No? 
I’ve just been searching everywhere for you. 

Hey, do any of you guys know chemistry? 
“Like how much chemistry?”
“That’s a no.”
That’s alright, I was just looking for a reaction.
“Ooooh wow.”

Sorry, um, were you talking to me? 
Do you want to?

Sorry, were you talking to me?
Do you want to? 

When were you published? Why?
Because I need a reference and you guys look like reputable sources. 

Hi, my name’s Microsoft, can I crash your study group?

Hi, my name’s Microsoft, can I crash your study group?
Yeah, alright we’ve got a winner there. 

So, if I was trying to get into your study group, like, would you be like yeah, let him in?

It went well I guess. 
I think the big thing is to approach it with confidence. 
Go out there, make yourself known, make a new study buddy, ‘cause there’s a good chance there’s a study buddy also looking for you.
So get out there, try some of those lines. Let us know what your lines are and let us know how you go with that. 
So yeah, good luck!