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Assessment: How to turn your assessment setbacks into a learning success

About the topic

Failure. It’s a taboo subject. When starting university, you may be overwhelmed with study support, extra assessment assistance and resources, as well as being provided with multiple opportunities to accept help from your lecturers. But what happens if you fail, or don’t do as well as you had hoped? What happens when you accept that failure without learning from it? In this free one-hour webinar, you’ll hear about why learning from different types of failure is important, how to positively reframe that failure for future success and how to incorporate strategies to cope with any study let downs you may experience in future.

*This webinar has now finished. Please view the below recording and slides to access this resource. 


About the presenter

Cristy Bartlett works as a USQ Learning Advisor for Engineering, Built Environment, and IT to support student learning and development. She provides individual consultations, facilitates workshops, develops teaching resources for staff and students, and works with academic staff to identify and address student learning needs. As well as this, Cristy also participates in relevant scholarship and community projects to enhance student development and academic and digital literacy. Cristy is a USQ alumna holding a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and a Master of Learning and Development, and has ongoing research interests in education, educational and psychological measurement, vocational psychology and educational psychology.