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Get up and go! Why you need motivation in your life and how to get it!

About the topic

All too often, we are advised to keep motivated in order to excel in our studies, but what does being motivated even mean? Why are we still struggling to find it, maintain it and identify its significance for our future careers? In this free one-hour webinar, join USQ research expert Dr Fein as he delves into the theory behind keeping motivated, and then discover how a USQ alumnus used it to pursue her dreams as a world record-breaking athlete and entrepreneur.

*This webinar has now finished. Please view the below recording and slides to access this resource. 

About the presenters

Dr Erich Fein is a widely respected and published Senior Lecturer in Psychology at USQ, specialising in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Occupational Health Psychology topics.  He has published in the areas of Leadership, Motivation, Research Methodology, Personality, and Health and Wellbeing. Prior to his academic career in higher education, Dr Fein worked in the United States’ military, and holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) from the Ohio State University in America.