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Success through stress: Why using stress to your advantage can have positive benefits

About the topic

Be honest, have you heard of a student that hasn’t been stressed at some point during their time at university? In this free one-hour webinar, you’ll learn from local researchers and professional experts why managing your stress is imperative to your study success and how the power of positive reframing can influence your wellbeing. Take some time out from the books, watch along and start turning that stress, into a little more success! 

*This webinar has now finished. Please view the below recording and slides to access this resource. 

About the presenters

Dr Yong Goh has over 15 years of experience in the applied fields of occupational wellbeing and cross cultural psychology. He is active in international research that investigates workplace happiness and stress as well as stress coping strategies across countries such as Japan, Singapore, China, Hungary and Australia. Dr Goh is also a Zen meditator, as well as an accredited traditional martial art instructor. This, together with his expertise in organisational behaviours, means Dr Goh brings a unique approach to managing challenges in life that is both empirical and enlightening.

Cara Bricknell is a Registered Psychologist with experience in the provision of therapeutic and counselling across a range of settings and applications, including with adults and families, young people and children. Working as a psychologist in private practice for twelve years in the Toowoomba and surrounding rural regions, Cara has established detailed knowledge about psychological disorders, mental health and associated difficulties, cognitive and emotional development, as well as coping styles and strategies. In recent years, Cara has moved into a more holistic practice, incorporating the benefits of exercise, nutrition and neurological development as fundamental aspects of practice, in conjunction with CBT. Cara and her partner own and run a local gym, complementing her continued work as a psychologist.