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Show Cause process and Exclusion

If you have been moving through the Student Academic Progress stages and haven’t met the requirements to continue with your program, you are at risk of being excluded from your program.

If you are identified At Risk of Exclusion, you will be issued with a Notice of Intention to Exclude and asked to Show Cause as to why you should be able to continue your studies.

If you receive a Notice of Intention to Exclude from USQ, you have:

  • 10 University Business days or
  • 20 University Business days (International students studying on a student visa)

to respond and Show Cause via the Show Cause Submission Form.

In your response you may present your case as to:

  • the circumstances that contributed to your current grades,
  • why you should not be excluded, and
  • the steps you will take to address any circumstances that have impacted your study performance.

It is recommended that you also attach supporting documentation as evidence. Examples of circumstances and supporting documentation may be found in the Assessment of Special Circumstances Procedure.

Note, if you do not lodge a Show Cause submission within the required timeframe you will be excluded with no right to Appeal the Exclusion.

After you have submitted your Show Cause response, the University will assess your application. You will be advised of the outcome of your submission via email. If you require clarification regarding any information in your outcome email, please book an appointment with a Student Advisor.

If you disagree with the outcome, you have the right to Academic Appeal within 20 University Business Days as outlined in the Student Grievance Resolution Procedure. If you require assistance with the Appeals process, please contact the USQ Student Guild.

If excluded, you may seek readmission to your program or transfer to another program after the exclusion period. Further detail may be viewed in the Student Academic Progress Procedure.

Need help responding to your Notice of Intention to Exclude?

Book an appointment with a Student Advisor and get in touch with the Student Guild.