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USQ ePrints

What is USQ ePrints

USQ ePrints is a consolidated archive of intellectual output by USQ researchers, scholars and other staff. It demonstrates the impact and quality of USQ research and scholarship and is used as the primary source of data for reporting about USQ research, including ERA.

The aim of a research repository is to preserve the intellectual output of an institution and make that output accessible. For authors, it provides a way to make their research available to the international scholarly community. For readers, it provides free access to international scholarly material.

What can you deposit into ePrints?

You can deposit any outputs intended for an external audience that you produce through your research, scholarship or professional practice into USQ ePrints once they’ve been published or presented.

USQ researchers are encouraged to deposit any of the following works into USQ ePrints:

  • books and book chapters
  • journal, magazine and blog articles and webpages
  • conference and workshop presentations, papers, posters, and slides
  • research, professional and project reports
  • software, patents and trademarks
  • creative works, including original works, exhibitions, and performances
  • research data records (metadata only).

You don’t need to deposit USQ theses or projects – once they’ve been assessed and received a passing grade, copies are sent to the Library for processing.

If you’re not sure whether you should contribute a particular output, you can email USQ ePrints for advice.

You can find more information about our copyright and takedown and policies in the USQ ePrints Terms and Conditions.

How do you deposit into USQ ePrints?

All academic and professional staff are registered for USQ ePrints on commencement of their employment at USQ. Just go to USQ ePrints and login with your UConnect username and password to get started.

USQ HDR students will need to email USQ ePrints to request an account.

For more detailed instructions, see the USQ ePrints User Guide

Getting help with USQ ePrints

For help with any queries or technical issues, email USQ ePrints.

Access USQ ePrints