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Results legend and glossary

Results legend

Final grade

HD - High Distinction
A - Distinction
B - Credit
C - Pass
UP - Ungraded Pass
D - Conceded Pass
F - Fail
FC - Fail (not contributing to GPA)
FLW - Fail (Late withdrawal)
FNP - Fail (Did not participate)
FNS - Fail (Did not sit)
FNC - Fail (Did not complete)
E - Exemption
K - Block Exemption through Credit of Unit value (for a group of Courses)
T - Transfer
NR - No Result expected
PC - Pass (not contributing to GPA)
UF - Ungraded Fail
WWP - Withdrawn Without Academic and Financial Penalty
WAP - Withdrawn Without Academic Penalty Only
ONG - Ongoing (Prior to 10 July 2017, the code 'SP' was used)

Temporary grades

IIP - Incomplete, progress in future semester will determine grade
IS - Incomplete (Supplementary exam)
IM - Incomplete (Make-up work)
ISM - Incomplete (Supplementary exam and make-up work)
IDS - Incomplete (Deferred examination)
IDB - Incomplete (Deferred work and examination)
IDM - Incomplete assignment submission
RW - Result Withheld
RN - Result Not Available

If you have received a result of IDS, IS, IDM, IM, IDB or ISM further information is available via UConnect > Student Centre > Marks and Grades > Grade > Grade Comment.

If you have not received the appropriate information within 10 days of the release of your results, it's your responsibility to contact

Administrative grades

NR - No Result expected
NA - Non Assessable
RW - Result Withheld
RN - Result Not Available
T - Transfer
K - a grade which may be allocated to one or more courses in a block exemption to indicate that such courses may be used to satisfy pre-requisite requirements in the program

Glossary of terms

Result not available

This indicates that a final result has not been able to be provided. The reason could be your practical component is still underway, assessment yet to be marked, illness of an examiner or examination paper not yet received from an overseas centre. The upgraded result will be released as soon as possible. 


If you have received a result of 'Fail' you will need to re-enrol in the course in the future if you wish to gain credit for it. 

Result withheld

If your results have been withheld, it will be because of outstanding fees or a library fine. Your results will be released as soon as the relevant fee is paid. 


A course which is transferred to a new program will have the grade changed to "T - Transfer to another USQ program" under the original program where the course was first studied. The original grade the student received for that course will only show under the new program and will contribute to your GPA under this program only. 

Block exemption

A block exemption is a block of courses (allocated grade "K") which may be used to satisfy pre-requisite requirements in the program.

Grades schedule

For further information, please view the Grades Schedule.