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With 24/7 access and over 100 online degrees, find out how USQ can help you become more. Online, distance, off-campus and external study modes are all used to describe a flexible classroom that comes to you. You choose where you study, when you study, and even how you study!

If you like the idea of studying on the go, fitting study around your life, then online study could be for you! You’ll get access to online forums, discussion with fellow students, study materials, dedicated social media groups and much more to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your studies.

Over 75% of USQ students choose to study online, so you can study on your own terms, in your own time.

Why choose USQ?

Find out why so many students choose USQ, the No.1 uni in Queensland for Graduate Employability*.

  • 75% of USQ students choose to study online
  • Visit your online classroom anywhere, 24/7
  • USQ’s fastest growing cohort is online
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Become more with USQ

To advance in today's competitive world, we need to think bigger, act faster, work smarter. That's why at USQ we believe in creating more than graduates. So, if you're ready to become more, we're ready to help you make study a reality.


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